Why Are Children So Obsessed With Crawford Lake? 5 Reasons to Go Right Now.

Crawford lake kids hike

crawford lake ontario kids hikeMonarch butterflies, symbolic wood carvings, and a glistening lake surrounded by an authentic Iroquois village awaits in one of Ontario’s historical conservation sites. Last weekend, we grabbed our backpacks to go on a day hike to Crawford Lake (on the border of Milton and Campbelleville, Ontario). First of all, who knew this peaceful lake was only 45 minutes away from Toronto?

Each time, there is always something new to discover, whether it be a new trail or a wildlife species. Kids love Crawford Lake too and by the end of this blog post you’ll know why.

Here are five reasons to take the kids to Crawford lake now.

Crawford lake kids hike

Crawford lake kids hike1. Hike up to five trails surrounded by nature, fresh air and wild bush. Open year-round, Crawford Lake is a nature enthusiast’s playground. Easy peasy, we did this loop many times and every time we witnessed something new. From watching a chipmunk climb up a tree to touching a dragon fly, there’s always something to watch out for.

Well, most kids can walk the Crawford Lake trail which goes 1.3 km around the lake. Alternatively, this boardwalk is stroller friendly. To tell you the truth, we saw at least 20 babies and toddlers active on this trail.

Still, any path you choose promises to get those legs moving. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling ambitious, there is an additional 7.2 km hike from Nassagaweya Canyon to Rattlesnake Point. Indeed, the Crawford Lake blue trail is easy for beginners or families with small children.

Crawford lake kids ontario hike

Crawford lake kids ontario hike

Crawford lake kids ontario hike

2. Learn about Iroquois life. Our son’s favorite thing to do was explore the small Iroquois village. Not to mention, three gigantic longhouses and a palisade that was rebuilt to look like the original structures in the 15th century.  During the 1970-1980s, 11 longhouses and nearly 10 000 artifacts were found on this land, remnants of the Iroquois tribes that used to live here. In fact, inside two of the houses rest traditional artifacts such as furs, antlers and harvested corn which were a typical part of every day life. Presently, there are daily guided tours of the longhouses. For more information, visit the Crawford Lake website.

Crawford lake kids ontario hike

3. Play an outdoor game of hide-and-go-seek. Crawford Lake has their very own “Hide and Seek trail,” which has some of the most magnificent carved sculptures we’ve ever seen. No doubt, it’s hard not to notice the various carvings of many species at risk. Did you know? In Ontario, there are close to 200 species at risk which include the Monarch Butterfly, Jefferson Salamander and the Hooded Warber. See if you can spot one!

Crawford lake kids ontario hike

Crawford lake kids ontario hike

Crawford lake kids ontario hike

4. Roam and discover. Crawford Lake has about 19 km of hiking trails. In the winter, there are also cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails with access to the Bruce Trail. The boardwalk is a good way to protect nature while allowing entry to different observation points in the lake. In addition, there are many benches to rest and take it all in. We hiked this loop many times, and at one point our son fell asleep. What better way to take a nap feeling the calm breeze of the lake?

Crawford lake kids ontario hike

Crawford lake kids hike

Crawford lake kids ontario hike5. Get up close to this beautiful lake. Folks, I’m telling you this is too pretty to pass. The scenery around the lake is diverse as it includes meadows, a broad-leaved forest, a lake front, marshland and rugged trails. In any case, it’s common to spot animals and birds too. Get the children involved and make a game of finding different mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Afterwards, find a log or rock to sit on and enjoy this beautiful body of water. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a snack, have a break, and meet other fellow hikers. Most of all, don’t forget to take your trash with you as there are no bins nearby.

Now can you see why children are obsessed with Crawford Lake? 

So, if you’ve never been to Crawford Lake before, we highly recommend it. Thinking about bringing your infant and not sure what to pack for a day hike? No problem, we have some helpful tips in Infant Travel: When Your Baby is Your Backpack.

Keep in mind, admission is $6.50 per adult, children under 4 years old are free. Admission includes access to all the Conservation Halton parks. Don’t miss the birds of prey and farm at Mountsberg or the chickadees at Hilton Falls. Print a copy of the Crawford Lake trails brochure here.

Oh, before I forget, there is also a visitors centre, a souvenir/snack shop and a picnic area on site. I know what you’re thinking, this place has it all. Actually, just a few more reasons to take the kids to go to Crawford Lake now.

Have you been to Crawford Lake before? What did you think? Do you plan on going with the kids? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks!

Crawford lake kids ontario hikeCrawford lake kids ontario hikeCrawford lake kids ontario hike

Author: Darlynne

Darlynne founded Live Love Backpack to inspire others to make a positive difference in the world through traveling, volunteering, and self-awareness. Darlynne has traveled to over 76 countries. Family adventures include backpacking off the beaten path, hiking in Ontario and creating happy memories.

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  1. This is on my nature list of things to do atm. I can see why kids would be crazy about this place. Count me in.

    1. Hey Matcha, We’ve been hooked since the first time we ventured into this beautiful conservation area. It definitely is a must-see with the kids! If you go, let me know all about it. 🙂

  2. Hiking trails AND a Native village? Love how they have a historical aspect of the First Nations people included to teach our younger generation. I think the entire family would like to visit Crawford Lake. Thanks.

    1. We were blown away with how amazing the Iroquois Longhouses were, the entire structures themselves, the palisade, the museum and the guided talks, Sophie. Wish Crawford Lake was well-known as it is a place not to be missed!

      1. So true. Can you spend the entire day there?

        1. Yes! Sophie, so many nature trails and even a museum to enjoy!

          1. Finally had a chance to go to Crawford Lake! Our new favourite place to take the kids. Thanks again.

  3. I really loved hiking from Crawford Lake to Rattlesnake point – it was about 4 hours in a good pace. Have not been there for ages though. Do you know if I can bring my dog?

    1. Hi Vegi, the trail is dog friendly! It’s a fun and easy loop to do with the pup and family. Happy trails.

  4. Kids on the run says: Reply

    Hi. Never heard of Crawford Lake before. It’s funny because it’s so close to home. It looks fun. Cheers.

    1. Give it a go sometime and let me know what you think. Take care.

  5. What a darling little hiker you have! Anything to get the kids out and exploring is fine with me!

    1. Thanks Mama, us too. 🙂

  6. One of my biggest fear is snakes! I would rather read about your Amazon hike then set one foot in any jungle. Good that you faced your fears.

    1. It was tough at first. Looking back, it really wasn’t all that bad. The fear was greater in my mind. Thanks for reading Chris.

  7. LOVE this post!

    ALWAYS have fond memories of Crawford Lake and love spending the day here with my family. Never gets boring, memorable moments forever!

    1. So many beautiful things to love about Crawford Lake. Thanks for sharing.

  8. We just went to Crawford Lake last weekend and it was amazing!

    1. So happy to hear Lea. Cheers.

  9. I really enjoyed reading your family travel blog. I Love looking at the beauty of nature (e.g.the lake, trees, greeneries, the tranquil lake and the whole area) which brings me back to my childhood way back home. I would like to visit Crawford lake soon.

    1. We appreciate your subscription and for following us on our journeys Dolce. Hope you can make it out to Crawford Lake sometime 🙂

  10. Wow, Ontario is such a beautiful province. You look like you had a great time with your family. Parental education is the best and Bodhi seems to be learning a lot!

    1. Ontario has so many hidden gems which we are slowly discovering. You should come next time Jonsaba!

  11. Hey I wanted to comment on you blog after I took my family to Crawford Lake. We were surprised at first that a park like this exists so close to home. Second, we learned so much about this Native land and the kids even enjoyed running around until they got tuckered out! Hard to believe this beauty exists as we never knew about it before. Think we will be coming here more often. Thanks again for the suggestion.

    1. Hi Nevaeh, sounds like you had a swell time at Crawford Lake. Thanks for dropping by.

  12. Picture perfect!

    1. It sure is! Enjoy all the photos.

  13. Crawford looks idyllic:) I would love to go there and shall when I get the chance! Your pics look great. How long did you know about this place?

    1. Hi Brian! My husband of course! 🙂 He knows all the amazing parks in the Province. Stay tuned for more blogs about the best parks around.

  14. My sister lives in Ontario and she never mentioned this place before. I’ll be sure to give her a heads up. Canada seems to have it all. Now I want to go.

    1. There are so many beautiful parks like these in Ontario. Come check it out sometime.

  15. Little luggages says: Reply

    Hi there! Been to Crawford Lake many times and all I can say it is breathtaking, relaxing, soothing and a must experience for all families. I second to bring the kids!

    Have you been to Mount Nemo before? Another park to add to your list if you haven’t.

    1. Mount Nemo is on the list for 2018 parks visits. We’ve heard so many great things about it. Thanks!

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