Discover Ontario’s Birds of Prey at Mountsberg Before it’s Too Late


What do a Bald Eagle, a Great Horned Owl and a Red-tailed Hawk have in common? They’re all considered birds of prey (also known as Raptors) who hunt and eat rodents and small animals. Believe it or not, some of these feathered friends may be found in our own backyards. Some of these Raptors are endangered and if you head over to Mountsberg, you can see various species up close.

No doubt, these Raptors at Mountsberg are thriving today because of the care received. Since our toddler is a natural-born explorer (and bird lover), we’ve been upping our hiking game as of late. More time outdoors means we get to do what we love the most, hiking! For this reason, we explored Mountsberg and boy, did it impress!

Did you know?

  • Ontario has over 27 diverse species of raptors
  • Some raptors like the Osprey and Peregrine Falcon are found in Ontario as well as worldwide
  • Furthermore, Mountsberg is home to 15 different species of native birds who can no longer survive in the wild


mountsberg barn

Mountsberg is not your typical Conservation area

First, our top 3 reasons that make Mountsberg outstanding:

  • Family fun farm. This is a BIG one of course for us animal lovers. Meet and greet several farm animals such as horses, chickens, rabbits, sheep and even chickadees! If you love the barn atmosphere, you will absolutely love the super cool playground in one of the barns which has multiple levels, and even a pulley to swing across. Best way to burn off all that toddler energy!
  • Beautiful Bison. Look no further as Mountsberg has a free roaming herd living in the paddocks. Unfortunately, we missed the Bison but, the grounds keeper informed us Bison spend most of the day at the water hole to cool down. The nature walk to view the Bison goes through a forest is and is just under 2kms. Peaceful way to spend the afternoon.
  • Go fishing. The reservoir at Mountsberg is home to many frogs, ducks and fish. Depending on what season you visit, it is easy to spot these little creatures. By all means, if you enjoy fishing, it possible to do this at one of the docks on site.


Let’s go Raptors, let’s go

In addition, Mountsburg has a Raptor centre which serves as a sanctuary to over 15 various species of birds of prey injured, abandoned and can no longer live on their own. Remarkably, there is a public viewing of several birds in the Raptor show which takes place at noon and 2pm daily. Yet, this special show is about 20 mins in length. However, during the winter time, there are no shows offered.

Protect endangered birds before it is too late

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) about one fifth of the bird species worldwide are either threatened or endangered.

Many birds that we have encountered at the conservation area were hurt by humans (for example, hit by cars or have flown into structures). Moreover, hundreds of birds that belong to endangered species are killed each year such as the Peregrine Falcons.  In many cases, bird hunting regulations either do not exist or are not enforced which caused native population to plummet.

Come to Mountsberg to learn about these birds of prey and what you can do to help protect them.

Below are just a few profiles of our avian friends residing at Mountsberg.

Meet Scarlett, a Broad-winged Hawk who was found wearing special equipment. Unable to find her owner, and hit by a car, she has been at Mountsberg since 2010.
Meet Phoenix, a Bald Eagle who came to Mountsberg in 1989 after being caught in a trap. His left-wing had to be amputated and now he is unable to fly.
Meet Shadow, a Barn Owl, who arrived at Mountsberg in 2015 when he was one month old.
Meet Thomas, a Great Horned Owl, who was hit by a train and injured his right wing. He has been living at Mountsberg since 2015.

Easy hiking trails for all ages

In fact, we were at Mountsberg while our son was asleep in the stroller, so we hiked two trails about 1.3 km each long.

  • Wildlife Walkway. This hike was very easy and was an accessible trail past the bison enclosure with vistas of the reservoir. To start off, if you’re lucky you may even spot resident eagles! Don’t forget to bring bug repellent as there is still water in the area that attracts mosquitoes even in the late summer.
  • Sugar Bush Trail. This trail leads to Maple Town. In the summer, the cabins seemed abandoned as there is not much to see except the structures themselves. However, in the Spring is when all the magic happens. Maple trees mature and start to produce sap, collected and boiled into syrup. This is the best time to taste fresh maple syrup. Also, there are wagon rides available. This was a scenic trail that we recommend.

Overall, we enjoyed our time hiking in Mountsberg. Next time, we’ll hike the Lakeshore lookout trail (which is 5.6km long) which has some scenic views. As a result, this trail gives us another reason to come back!

For a copy of the Mountsberg brochure, click here.



You’ll want to come back to Mountsberg

Generally speaking, Mountsberg is an excellent destination for the entire family. With ample hiking trails, a large reservoir, a sanctuary of Native birds, farm animals, a herd of bison, barn playground, and a Maple syrup village, it’s hard not to come back as there is always something new and exciting happening here.

We loved all the birds of prey and the Raptor centre. Thus,  it is an excellent way to educate others to take care and protect our avian friends.

Don’t miss out on all the fun

Most noteworthy, there are two special events coming up at Mountsberg Conservation area that you don’t want to miss!

  • Raptors in Focus. Sept. 16, 2017. Have your photo taken with a Raptor. $35 per person.
  • Pajama Starry Nights. Sept. 23, 2017. 7:00pm-9:00pm. Go star-gazing with friends and learn from astronomers about the night sky. Storytelling around the fire. Adults $17 +HST Children $12 +HST Seniors $12 +HST

Location: 2259 Millborough Line,Campbellville, Ontario.

For more information, please visit Conservation Halton.

Nevertheless, if would like to visit another Conservation area, Halton region has 7 amazing parks to choose from. A few weeks ago, we explored Crawford Lake (another Halton park) and loved it! Read Why are children so obsessed with Crawford Lake? 5 reasons to go right now. 

What are some of your favourite parks, conservation areas and green spaces? Please share in the comments section below. Thanks!





Author: Darlynne

Darlynne founded Live Love Backpack to inspire others to make a positive difference in the world through traveling, volunteering, and self-awareness. Darlynne has traveled to over 76 countries. Family adventures include backpacking off the beaten path, hiking in Ontario and creating happy memories.

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  1. Hello Darlynne. Another wonderful place in Ontario to bring the kids. Funny how I never heard of it before. You hear about the safari in Hamilton and the zoo in Scarborough but never about this. The birds look precious and as an animal lover, I am proud to hear that the Conservation takes good care of the birds. Thanks for bringing this place to my attention.

    1. Hi Chloe, we were amazed to see this conservation take great care of these vulnerable birds of prey. Mountsberg has a learning centre as well to educate the public about protecting these special species. Hope you get the chance to visit Mountsberg!

      1. Thanks Darlynne. Plan on swinging by Mountsberg this weekend. Will let you know how it goes.

        1. Nice. Looking forward to hearing all about it Chloe.

          1. I wanted to let you know that I went last weekend to this pretty little Conservation Area. Most specifically, the Raptor experience is phenomenal as it’s very close up and personal with these beautiful birds of prey. Unforgettable.

  2. Hey, we went to this conservation area and the entire family liked it so much they didn’t want to leave. Saw the beautiful birds of prey show and it was something we never witnessed before! Found spectacular horses, birds, sheep, rabbits all around. Didn’t see bison either as they were resting at a distant location ..not even a glimpse. You may notice there is an ongoing railway that is still is use and you have to cross to go to one trail one so more attention is needed while crossing. The only thing Mountsberg could improve on is to have some type of food facility. There’s only a small shop to buy light snacks and machine coffee.

    Good news is everything in this area is beautiful ..will go again very soon.

    1. Nice to hear you had a good time Vegi. It’s true, there are not many food options at Mountsberg. Although we like to pack a picnic lunch to bring with us. Cheers.

  3. Who knew? Your family are such trailblazers finding all these awesome parks perfect for families with kids. I think it’s cool to have a section for viewing and learning about the endangered birds. I would rather visit a sanctuary then go to a zoo anytime to tell you the truth. Many thanks and keep the posts coming Mama.

    1. Thanks Nevaeh. We lucked out finding this place. Hope you get the chance to visit Mountsberg.

  4. Wow, these birds are surreal! So much better than a zoo – and lots of fun for the entire family. More people need to head on to Mountsberg and fall in love with this place!

    1. Agreed! The birds of prey are extraordinary!

  5. Hello Darlynne, It is good to know about this place since I haven’t heard about it before. It looks very interesting – a good place to visit, enjoy the beauty of nature, and to see all these birds first hand. You have just educated me about the endangered birds.I’ll try to visit one day.

    1. Thanks for reading Dolce. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Canada is on my top list of countries to visit. Glacier, Yosemite, Joshua Tree are my ultimate parks to venture.

    1. Those are some amazing parks! Would love to go to Joshua Tree in the near future!

  7. Wandering Wanda says: Reply

    Raptors-out of this world! You bet I’ll be checking this out when I get to Canada.

    1. Please do! Don’t forget to say Hi when you’re here.

  8. Wow! Exotic birds at their finest!

    1. They truly are. Thanks for visiting our blog!

  9. Hi Darlynne, I never even knew that this existed. I’m a bird loverand would be neat to see all these birds in one place. I really want to go now. Thanks

    1. Hey Brian, we were surprised to learn that this park was home to all these exotic birds too. When you’re in town, you definitely have to visit!

  10. Who knew? Canada rocks. No wonder why it’s one the top countries to visit in 2017.

    1. It sure does! You have to visit Canada Mimi and see for yourself. Happy travels.

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