Hello, Bonjour, Namaste, Salaam, Zdrastvuyte, Hola, Mabuhay, Konnichiwa, Merhaba, Jambo, Ni hao.

This is a blog about our little family and our travels in this BIG world. Together we speak 6 languages and have visited over 85 countries. Travelling has opened our eyes to the world – exotic lands, different cultures, inspiring people, and foreign foods.

In 2010, my husband Alex and I set off on a 2.3 year around-the-world trip (visiting 56 countries). We discovered how to live a simple, happy, and fulfilling life just by letting go of attachments to material things, putting more value on experiences and spending time together.

Fast forward to 2014, and with our newest adventurer in tow, our passion for exploring has only intensified. Our values consist of compassion, integrity, respect for all living beings and our planet. We believe by travelling (and mostly backpacking), we can continue to teach our son these values as he’s immersed in world-schooling. We have a love for hiking and adventure.  When we’re not backpacking around the world, we’re exploring the great outdoors in Canada.

We consider ourselves “global citizens” and do our parts to make this world a better place to live in. The purpose of the live, love, backpack blog is to build a community where we can share experiences, stories and inspire those who want to travel with their families or already are world travellers (and who want to raise their families to do the same).

Let me introduce ourselves:

Darlynne: That’s me! Mom, Lover, Writer, Traveller, Photographer. I love to travel and volunteer abroad with my family. My days are usually filled with reading toddler books, playdates at the park, studying Journalism part-time and writing a children’s book. When I have a break from my mom duties, I enjoy doing yoga, dancing, blogging, being a couch surfing host and of course, backpacking (as a way of travelling)! I have a Masters of Arts with a concentration in Peace building, leadership and conflict transformation and have studied International community development. In addition, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Social service work.

Prior to quitting our jobs in 2010, I was a consultant at a leading international employee assistance organization for 8 years. My responsibilities included providing direct clinical service to clients by assessing risk using crisis intervention skills; created safe plans for clients who were at high risk for suicidal ideation; and assisted clients in activating resources.

My passion has always been in writing but, it was never a priority, until now. I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I love writing it. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences too, as I would love to hear from you.

Bodhi: Meet the littlest backpacker in our family. Full of energy, curiosity, and wanderlust, he was born to travel! His first trip abroad was in embryo 10 weeks old to France, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. At 5 months old, he opted for a beach bumming vacation to Barbados, and at twelve months old he backpacked his way through Costa Rica and Nicaragua. At 1.5 years he went beach bumming in Jamaica. Recently, he explored Honduras where he celebrated his second birthday. Bodhi loves all people, tree hugging, nature, back country camping and is a true vagabond (just like his parents).

Alexander: Loving husband, helpful dad, family insta-go-to-guy and overall friendly computer guy. He is the jack of all trades and my right hand man. He has a love for cycling, riding all kinds of transport, adventuring into local places, meeting people, hiking, anything back country, and of course, backpacking together as a family. He a strong advocate for human rights and volunteers with Cycle Toronto. His fond memories include teaching computer skills and conversational English classes to Ex-Political Prisoners of Tibet.